Lotus Herban Spa is a uniquely Asheville holistic urban retreat specializing in integrative, rejuvenating and revitalizing spa services. Check out this article in the Laurel of Asheville!

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Lotus Herban Spa in Downtown Asheville

the Floating Lotus


Young woman receiving hot stone massage

About Bodywork

Our highly trained massage practitioners incorporate integrative techniques and a holistic energetic approach keeping selfcare sacred yet therapeutic. Our spa elevations are available as an à la carte upgrade to your massage creating an elevated luxury experience.

Classic Massage

Our Classic Massage includes integrative techniques customized to meet your individual needs. This traditional massage promotes relaxation, circulation, and feelings of well being. Our highly trained practitioner will use a pressure to your preference from gentle to firm. Inquire about our signature à La Carte elevations to create the ultimate luxury experience.

● 60-minute $110
● 75-minute $130
● 90-minute $150

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage incorporates classic massage relaxation with therapeutic focus. Pressure can be adjusted according to your preference from firm to intense therapeutic. Inquire about our signature à La Carte elevations to create the ultimate luxury experience.

● 60-minute $125
● 75-minute $150
● 90-minute $175


Spà la Carte

About Elevations

Create the spa experience you want by customizing your massage. An à la carte enhancements can be added to any massage.

We recommend adding: 1 elevation for 60 minutes,
up to 2 elevations for 75 minute,
up to 3 elevations for 90 minutes

Dry Brush Exfoliation

Next level full body exfoliation with ancient dry brushing technique and keepsake dry brush. Both stimulating and soothing, the list of benefits is long. Enjoy softer skin, healthy glow, nervous system reset, collagen boosting, detoxifying and increased circulation $30

Scalp Treatment

Hydrate & soothe the head and scalp, melt away tension and revitalize with this relaxing & rejuvenating full head massage using a custom blend of essential oils $25

Hand Drench

Hand & forearm focused exfoliation and massage targeting dry and lackluster skin with housemade caster sugar scrub & deep hydrating body butter $25

Sole Drench: Foot & ankle focused exfoliation and massage targeting dry and lackluster skin with housemade caster sugar scrub & deep hydrating body butter. Your soul will love this sole focus $30

Collagen Mask

Hydrating & collagen boosting, soothing and instantly plumping highly potent gel masque infused with hyaluronic acid, copper, honey, lavender & aloe. Perfect for pre-event or for rehydrating after travel $30

Hot Stones

Smoothed stones provide continuous heat strategically focused on pressure points & tight muscles. Stress relieving techniques with this potent service are felt on a deep healing level. Consistent heat aids the process to release & let go $45

The Flowering Lotus


Beautiful young woman with facial mask on her face

About Skincare

Our whole plant derived, globally organic, award winning skincare protocols follow time tested Hungarian formulas & elixirs.  Each formulation is created to balance, refresh & renew all skin types. Our holistic approach includes state of the art skin analysis coupled with high tech instruments, potent skincare, and facial massage. Each facial is personalized to address your individual skincare needs and overall skincare goals with a focus on the mind/body/spirit connection. Our unique approach considers the health & appearance of the face as a roadmap to overall holistic health. This approach ensures you’re glowing from deep within revealing serene, balanced & rejuvenated complexion and spirit.

Classic Facial $120

Personalized, rejuvenating & revitalizing treatment using heirloom Hungarian recipes for elixirs and treatments. Skin instantly recognizes & absorbs these whole plant based formulations and receives maximum nourishment. Skin feels fed, healthy, fresh & renewed.

60 minutes $120

Herban Signature Facial $150

An elevated version of our classic facial incorporating an elixir based on your skin analysis.

75 minutes for $150

Practical Magic Facial $175

Our truly magic facial builds on our Classic & elevates the experience with two additional plant based masques & elixirs, as well as our retexturizing ultrasonic exfoliation & deep pore cleansing with extraction. (Depending on skin analysis, this treatment may also include high frequency or LED light therapy based on your skin’s unique needs.)

90 minutes for $175

Alchemy Holistic Facial $225

Is it written all over your face? Our most holistic facial incorporates Inner Mindfulness Coaching while experiencing our Practical Magic Facial. Our select inner mindfulness estheticians skillfully integrate guided meditation with mindfulness coaching techniques to aid in the transformation of trauma informed patterns stored in our facial roadmaps & worry lines. Luxury Hungarian formulas & potent potions coupled with next level spiritual transformation makes this alchemic experience our most effective rejuvenation approach. Our top tier transformative facial turns back the hands of time by guiding the relaxation necessary to let go of the blocks that stow away stress often stored in the face, head & jaw. This holistic approach to facial meets soul bath effortlessly melts away the years & inspires the light to glow from within.

120 minutes for $225

Lotus Below the Surface

Sacred Selfcare & Holistic Beauty Coaching

Makeup Coaching

You’re a unique beauty with extraordinary features just waiting to be properly showcased. Learn to expertly enhance your beauty so that you look like you…only more so. Our highly trained make-up artist will guide you towards products and techniques to elevate your natural beauty and adorn your vision of Self. Learn how to perfect an everyday face and transform to an evening look with tip & techniques to keep your routine as simple as you desire. Our makeup artist will examine the makeup that you already own and recommend key items to ensure your look is up-to-date, fresh and flattering

■ 90 minutes $125
■ 90 minutes + 30 minute detailed notes & photo documentation $175

Inner Mindfulness Coaching

This modality of coaching takes an inward-facing look at obstacles & blocks keeping us feeling stuck in patterns & habits. Inner Mindfulness affords an opportunity to gain perspective &empathy for our trauma informed parts of ourselves allowing effortless shifts in reaching goals and self awareness.

■ 120 minutes $200 (includes option for guided meditation)
■ 90 minutes $150

Holistic Coaching

Learn to identify what already inspires success for your unique system. Our certified Holistic Coach will cultivate a relationship with mind/body/spirit to achieve your goals and aspirations. From nutritional & cooking support to inner personal exploration & mindfulness practices, our techniques provide a balanced approach to the answers within.

■ 120 minutes $200 (includes option for guided meditation)
■ 90 minutes $150

Facial Somatic Release Coaching

Hone in on stored stress that creates subtle (and not so subtle) lines and creases by unpacking and releasing anxiety. Relieve and uncover blocks keeping us stuck in unconscious facial muscle contractions and habits. Gently and effortlessly reverse the map of worry and prevent premature aging through unlocking blocks. Includes guided Theta Meditation and Dream Study. This can be a stand alone service or in conjunction with the Alchemy Facial but has been shown effective as a series package.

■ 75 minutes each: package of 6 stand alone facial somatic release + 90 minute initial session for $800 series booked for 6 consecutive weeks.
■ 120 minutes each: package of 6 facial somatic release with alchemy facial + 90 minute initial consultation appointment for $1400 series booked for 6 consecutive weeks.

Wellness Coaching Services

Lotus Uprooted

Waxing Services

Currently we only offer FACIAL waxing services and are only available as an add on to your existing facial appointment. Our high-powered magnifying light leaves no hair behind

■ Lip: $25
■ Brow shaping: $35-50


What They Say

These women have created such a perfect environment to work on my spiritual side all while I’m enjoying rejuvenating treatments. What an amazing combination.

-Karen Alexander
  Mills River, NC


Head to Toe Self Care

This Spa is what I’ll remember from my visit to Asheville. Other worldly experience at Lola & Lotus. Fantastic team!

– Shari Yvonne
Charlotte, NC

Amazing Facials!

I recently received a facial from Rebecca at Lotus. It was AMAZING! She was thorough, professional, kind and knowledgeable. My session was tailored for me after her analysis, also taking what I consider my “problem areas” into consideration. When I left my skin was positively glowing! I will definitely be going back ASAP for another Rebecca facial AND I’m excited to check out all the other services offered. I highly recommend this calming, relaxing and rejuvenating spa. You will not be disappointed!!
– Carrie

THE BEST massage I’ve ever had

Long overdue review! I’m from Asheville and live out of state. I came home for a few days and got a few services here. This spa gave me THE BEST massage I’ve ever had. I got the deep tissue massage and almost fell asleep it was so relaxing.

I had my first facial here so I can’t compare it to anything else, but I can say that it went beyond all my expectations in the best way. Rebecca was extremely careful and took her time to personalize everything to my skin needs and preferences. My skin has never looked better since seeing her. I sincerely can’t wait to return!

– Meg

Hands down the best facial I’ve ever had

Hands down the best facial I’ve ever had. As a spa owner, I’m in awe of the beautiful attention they’ve held for every detail of the experience. Honestly, Rebecca has perfected the art and mystery of decadent self care!

An absolute gem of a spa

I moved here 2 1/2 years ago from Los Angeles and have been to many a spa there and here In Asheville. This is an absolute gem of a spa and one of the best I’ve ever been to !! Rebecca, did my facial and my skin is glowing. William was my masseuse and it was the best deep tissue I’ve ever had . It’s immaculate and they follow all the Covid guidelines. I highly recommend.